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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are licensed homeopathic medicines and have been used successfully worldwide for over 70 years. There are thirty-eight different plants and flowers in the Bach range, capable of treating the whole spectrum of human emotions. During a consultation, the remedies are chosen by discussing emotional outlook, personality and temperament, whilst ignoring the nature of any physical symptoms.

Appropriate remedies are selected and prepared in a bottle at the end of the session. This bottle lasts for about 3 weeks, when the next consultation is held; an advantage for busy people who find weekly sessions too time consuming. Location is not a problem either, as telephone consultations are available, with a small additional charge for packaging and postage of the bottle.

The root of any problems can be established by working through emotional layers, which is known as ‘peeling the onion’. Imagine an onion and see each layer as an emotion. The outside layer is treated, dealing with the way you currently feel, then other layers are worked through, until the centre of the 'onion' is reached, where the true cause of your problem lies.

The remedies work gently but effectively helping to remove negative emotions, fears and unwanted states of mind from your system, and encouraging the restoration of inner harmony and peace of mind. When these qualities and your inner strength are increased, your body will be able to start its own natural healing process.

The following are examples of conditions and issues which may be helped:

Cost: £37.20 per 1 hour session inclusive of a 45 minute consultation and preparation of treatment bottle.


Children tend to respond well to the remedies. Consultations can and often take place over the telephone with a parent discussing the child's emotions, feelings and personality. Issues that have worked successfully with the remedies typically include:

Teachers have reported back to parents marked improvements in these areas.

(Bach Flower image courtesy of Nelsons www.bachremedies.co.uk)