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Testimonials 2

Agnes Smith, Lincoln (Complementary Therapist)
“Alison is an amazing therapist - being able to create calm and relaxation just by being. As I am a therapist myself, I felt safe at all times to let go and enjoy treatments because Alison works with great integrity and ability. During the Metamorphic sessions as well as Reiki treatments, I felt that Alison was able to give clean and unadulterated energy that made me feel relaxed, peaceful and able to face a new day. After moving away from Essex, I have not been able to find another therapist with Alison's understanding and conviction. I would recommend Alison to anyone who wants an honest, powerful Reiki or Metamorphic experience.”
Angela Taylor, Loughton (Solicitor)
“Alison, thank you for helping me get on top of things again. By gentle, but professional probing and questioning, you were able to mix and supply me with Bach Flower Remedies over a time span of nearly 4 months. Not only were you able to make me aware of my own situation, but your knowledge of the individual and combined Bach Flower Remedies allowed me to find my natural balance again. The process of taking the preparations was easy firstly due to your ability to know exactly when I would need a further supply and what changes you would have to make within the synergy of various remedies. Everything else happened surprisingly easily, gently and was long lasting. Thank you again.”
Helen Humphrey, Ongar (Complementary Therapist)
“Alison possesses the most wonderful healing touch. The moment she starts the Reiki, I experience this complete inner sense of deep peace and calm which is almost beyond words. The relaxation and positive results on all levels gained, always remain long after a treatment, even with the hectic lifestyle I lead as a mother of three. I feel rebalanced, reenergised and at one with myself.”
Sheila Day, Loughton (Teacher)
“I decided to try Reiki for help with my deep depression. Long term anti depressants had not been working and left me feeling unwell. After the first session, I felt a shift - I was brighter in my outlook and felt hopeful that Reiki was going to work. After two sessions, I felt 90% better. The change was incredible and my family were so happy to see me almost back to my old self again. After the third session, the depression had completely left me and I returned to living a happy, contented and fulfilled life. Thank you so much, Alison, for removing the heavy blanket of depression which had consumed me for so long. Your healing hands gave me back my life.”
Julie Blackwell, Debden (IT Manager)
“I admit I was a little sceptical, but on being recommended to Alison's treatments from a friend, I thought I would try the Bach Flower Remedies for a range of problems my son had, the main one being bedwetting. I didn't really believe the remedies could have any affect on such a problem, but by the end of the first three week bottle, he had stopped wetting the bed and has been dry ever since. He is much calmer now, more focussed and can entertain himself quite happily for longer periods of time. We have seen a great improvement in his overall behaviour and are thrilled with the success of the remedies.”
Sylvia Saunders, Harlow (Retired)
“The remedies chosen for me through my Bach Flower consultations with Alison have been very effective. I feel like my old self again, as they have brought me back to balance and harmony.”
Diana Jackson, Cambridge (Solicitor)
“Having had a disappointing experience of Reiki I was somewhat sceptical but I needed help and someone recommended Alison. It was quite a revelation. I have found her sessions to be emotionally uplifting and physically healing and she really helped me at a difficult time. She has a genuine depth and warmth and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”